Tim Atkin -co-chair with Sarah Jane Evans of the tasting panel and both Masters of Wine- includes Pancrudo in the Chairs' Choice category

PANCRUDO was included among the Chairs' Choice' category of wines in 2019 Rioja 10x10 tasting, organized in the United Kingdom by the Rioja DOCa Regulatory Council to share with sommeliers, educators, trade, press and consumers the wide reaching diversity and recognized quality of the Rioja region. Tim Atkin -co-chair with Sarah Jane Evans of the tasting panel and botdh Masters of Wine- includes PANCRUDO in this category that highlights the wines considered "shining stars in the 2019 line up". 

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There are high expectations to embark upon a very good harvest for both whites and reds, with subtle, juicy wines with excellent aging capacity in the cellar

Harvest of the 2019 vintage is set to begin on Sunday September 29th at the Gómez Cruzado Winery in Haro’s Barrio de la Estación. Contrary to tradition, red varieties are slated to be harvested first. The first grapes to arrive at the winery will hail from the earliest-ripening, low-load old Tempranillo vineyards located around Torremontalvo, Uruñuela and Cenicero. “Although weather conditions during this final phase play a decisive role for the quality of our final product, forecasts are very favorable for our vineyards," notes Juan Antonio Leza, vintner and winemaker at the helm of Gomez Cruzado alongside also vintner and winemaker David González.

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