ezcaray fest julio 2018

We love Ezcaray Fest

A festival that approaches music with a very open mind. Rock, pop, blues, folk, indie and flamenco fusion are all part of it. Gómez Cruzado supports the festival as the official wine of EZCARAY FEST 2018. We are sponsoring GÓMEZ CRUZADO VERMÚS ROCKEROS. These midday free shows will fill the streets of Ezcaray with live music on Friday July 20th, Saturday July 21st and Sunday July 22nd.


The festival’s headliners are Rosendo on his farewell tour and the band M.O.D.A. Other acts to perform at Ezcaray Fest include singer-songwriter Ángel Stanich, Galician rock band The Soul Jacket, singer Juanito Makandé from Cádiz, bands Rufus T. Firefly and Mi Capitán -whose members hail from Love of Lesbian, Egom Soda and Standstill- and the American group Southern Avenue

AGORAPHOBIA kicks off the first set of VERMÚS ROCKEROS on the GÓMEZ CRUZADO STAGE on Friday the 20th in the Plaza del Quiosco at 1:00 p.m. This Galician band is coming to Ezcaray to launch their new album 'Incoming Noise' infused with their energetic rock sound. On Saturday July 21st, the GÓMEZ CRUZADO VERMÚS ROCKEROS changes locations to the Plaza de la Verdura, where NAT SIMONS performs at 12 pm. Simons has quickly become an icon of Americana music “made in Spain”, mixing folk and rock. Simons will perform songs from his album 'Lights', produced by Gary Louris (of The Jayhwaks). Later that day on the same stage, the Riojan band VUELO 505 presents its second album 'No hay Historias de Fracaso”. On Sunday July 22nd, the band MÄBU, whose influences range from legendary singer-songwriters to indie rock, pop and soundtracks, closes the VERMÚS ROCKEROS on the GÓMEZ CRUZADO STAGE in the Plaza del Quiosco at 1 pm.


Ezcaray Fest is a young festival that celebrated its first edition in July 2017 to provide La Rioja with a great event that would place the community on the national map of indie and rock music festivals, while generating employment and active tourism. What seemed like and adventure has materialized thanks to the support of sponsors and collaborators, in a first edition that has been closed with a high degree of acceptance by Riojan people and foreigners”, says promoter Rock Río. More than 10,000 people have accompanied us in the first two editions. THANK YOU!


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Imágenes: Diego Sánchez for Ezcaray Fest


For all those who have nostalgia for all the good things lived in the Ezcaray Fest 2018, take note of the dates of 2019.

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