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    The Wall Street Journal Wine Club highlights Gómez Cruzado Blanco 2013

    The wine club of the prestigious American publication Wall Street Journal highlighted Gómez Cruzado Blanco 2013 as “a great example of the resurgence of white Rioja wines”, describing it as “a really good wine”.

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    Panel of tasters contest 'Rioja 2014 Masters'

    The Drink Business Awards for Gómez Cruzado

    The specialized British publication The Drink Business has acknowledged the hard work in Rioja as a winemaking region, and at Gómez Cruzado as a winery in their competition ‘Rioja Masters 2014’, to which over a hundred wines applied.

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    The Gómez Cruzado’s Rioja wine collection

    Gómez Cruzado nominated for Verema award: Best Winery of 2014

    Verema - a website dedicated to rating and recommending wine and other Spanish food and alcohol products is the largest of its kind in the Spanish-speaking world has nominated Gómez Cruzado as the "Best Winery of the Year" for the 2014 edition of their awards. The winner will be announced during the closing ceremonies of the Verema Experience in Valencia on 21 February 2015.

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    The eleven DOCa Rioja wines selected for the tasting of the vintage 1964

    Honorable 1964 in a tasting of the epic vintage

    The Regulatory Council of Rioja DOCa has chosen Gómez Cruzado Honorable 1964 as one of the eleven great wines to comprise a bouquet of historic wines in honor of this memorable vintage. Over a hundred specialized press and opinion leaders were in attendance at the tasting in Madrid on 24 November.

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