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    The eleven DOCa Rioja wines selected for the tasting of the vintage 1964

    Honorable 1964 in a tasting of the epic vintage

    The Regulatory Council of Rioja DOCa has chosen Gómez Cruzado Honorable 1964 as one of the eleven great wines to comprise a bouquet of historic wines in honor of this memorable vintage. Over a hundred specialized press and opinion leaders were in attendance at the tasting in Madrid on 24 November.

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    Gómez Cruzado Reserva, representative of the fine wines of Haro

    Gómez Cruzado Reserva selected by The Sunday Times

    The Sunday Times Magazine publishes a special food issue every November, and this year Gómez Cruzado Reserva 2007 was the only Rioja among the its 20 ideal-for-winter reds.

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    Barrel room of the boutique winery Gómez Cruzado in Haro

    Premium tasting of our wine collection

    The winery Gómez Cruzado, located in the Barrio de la Estación in Haro, is debutting a collection of its most representative wines from Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa in a premium tasting. Now visitors have one more way to enjoy wine tourism in this century-old wine-making establishment.

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    New image of Gomez Cruzado Reserve, awarded by the ICEX

    ICEX chooses Gómez Cruzado Reserva 2007 as Best Rioja

    The annual competition Wines from Spain Awards (2013) has chosen Gómez Cruzado Reserva 2007, by Bodegas y Viñedos de Gómez Cruzado, as the year's Best Rioja.

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