A blend of Viura and Tempranillo white, is an aged white in barrel, tank and bottle, that combines freshness and complexity

25th October 2016.- GÓMEZ CRUZADO BLANCO 2015 is hitting the market: crafted with Rioja’s Viura variety (85%) and blended with white Tempranillo (15%), following traditional white wine-making methods. This unique white from Rioja DOCa combines freshness and complexity to present an updated version of the region’s aged white wines.

“Following the tradition of whites from the Barrio de la Estación, GÓMEZ CRUZADO BLANCO 2015 is debuted on the market in its second year. That means this wine goes on the market during harvest, at the beginning of its second year in the winery. So this white ages in the barrel and tank, as well as the bottle”, explains David González, winemaker at Gómez Cruzado.

All the grapes hail from high altitude areas around the town of Haro with stony alluvial soil consisting of pebbly topsoil and a deep limestone layer.

GÓMEZ CRUZADO BLANCO 2015 opts for the Burgundian style: highlighting the qualities of the particular vineyards more than the varieties' expression. After alcohol fermentation takes places in a stainless steel tank, half of the volume is transferred to French oak barrels (un-toasted and steam bent) where its ages with fine lees for five months, while the other half is aged with fine lees in a concrete vat. The goal of this shorter ageing in wood and cement is to achieve a complex white wine without an excess of woody aromas.

The 2015 vintage was one of the earliest in Rioja’s history. “Since the month of July was so hot, harvest this year began on September 22nd. So we had to work hard and fast in the vineyards to maintain the wine’s freshness. And that freshness was better preserved in those areas of higher elevation", added González.

The goal of GÓMEZ CRUZADO BLANCO 2015, just like the first vintage of this wine, is to produce a high-quality Rioja white, rich in nuances of aroma and taste. The result is a wine that is intense but delicate on the nose, with white flowers and fresh fruit – especially white fruits, along with herbaceous character, like freshly cut grass. It is broad on the mouth from the start: a result of ageing on lees. This wine’s citric acidity makes it agile and appetizing.



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