The eleven DOCa Rioja wines selected for the tasting of the vintage 1964
The eleven DOCa Rioja wines selected for the tasting of the vintage 1964

Honorable 1964 in a tasting of the epic vintage

Rioja Designation of Origin DOCa selects Gómez Cruzado Honorable 1964 for tasting in honor of this epic vintage’s 50th anniversary

23 of November of 2014

Haro, November 2014 - The Regulatory Council of Rioja DOCa has chosen Gómez Cruzado Honorable 1964 as one of the eleven great wines to comprise a bouquet of historic wines in honor of this memorable vintage. Over a hundred specialized press and opinion leaders were in attendance at the tasting in Madrid on 24 November. Pedro Ballesteros, the only Spaniard to hold the title of Master of Wine (MW), and Carlos Echapresto, a one Michelin star sumiller, were the distinguished masters of ceremony. The emblematic brand of Gómez Cruzado, now a collector's item, was in good company alongside other great wines paying tribute to Rioja's winemaking history.

This tasting also highlighted one of Rioja wines' most exclusive features: their capacity for ageing, which reaches its maximum potential in vintages of exceptional quality such as that of 1964. Luis Alberto Lecea, president of the Regulatory Board, commented that the tasting was "a wonderful opportunity to enjoy these exceptional wines. These living legends from our wine-making history are crafted harvest after harvest with just one objective - the utmost quality".

The Regulatory Board also noted that "quality is based on the hard work of winemakers and oenologists; however, it is only when these factors come together with Nature that a vintage as perfect as '64 can come about.

The Critics' Choice

In the magazines El Mundo and Fuera de Serie, journalist Federico Oldenburg chose Gómez Cruzado Honorable 1964 as one of the best wines in the tasting and described it as "a succulent red, with fruity – yet wine-like – nuances and a long and conveniently acid palate". Andrés Proesa remarked in Planeta Vino that after over a century in the bottle, Honorable is "still in good shape".

In fact, during the tasting, MW Pedro Ballesteros stated that "in Bordeaux or Burgundy you would be hard pressed to find so many wines from 1964 in such good shape." Ballesteros elaborated, "1964 was a historic moment in Spain when the nation longed to be a developed country and top-quality wine was quite unusual". Thus, "the '64 vintage was the turning point that would make Rioja into a winemaking region". Ballesteros also noted that collectors from around the world are increasingly interested in this type of Rioja that ages so well, which has caused prices to skyrocket. "Knowledgeable wine connoisseurs in Hong Kong, the US and the United Kingdom adore these one-of-a-kind wines. They are becoming highly-coveted collector's items.”

Fines wines with typicity
Gómez Cruzado is a century-old winery in the Barrio de la Estación in Haro. Founded in 1886, it is the smallest winery in this privileged and historic location. In their recently renovated facilities, science and technical knowledge work with precision to create well-defined wines suitable for contemporary times without renouncing the traditional Rioja style - the "fine wines" of Haro. Freshness, respect for the fruit, subtlety, elegance, balance and typicity are words frequently used to describe the Gómez Cruzado collection.


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