Montes Obarenes Terroir Selection 2014 Vintage illustrates Rioja’s White Wines for Ageing

A blend of Viura and white Tempranillo in a wine with great potential of ageing

25 of October of 2017

Haro, 25th October 2017.- The GÓMEZ CRUZADO winery, located in Haro’s Barrio de la Estación, has unveiled the 2014 vintage of its MONTES OBARENES TERROIR SELECTION which aims to “showcase the potential of Rioja's great white wines for ageing”. GÓMEZ CRUZADO'S TERROIR SELECTION reflects the century-old winery’s desire to convey the expressions of specific plots of land with truly unique and remarkable characteristics in a designation of origin as vast and diverse as Rioja DOCa.

In its second vintage on the market, MONTES OBARENES faithfully harnesses Rioja’s native varieties to transmit a style of wine with typicity and rooted in its origins. Viura is the dominant variety in a blend with white Tempranillo. “White Tempranillo is a variety that grows very well in cool climates, such as that under the influence of the Montes Obarenes. This climate instills the wine with more roundness in the mouth and notes of white fruit” explains David González, winemaker at GÓMEZ CRUZADO.

MONTES OBARENES is born on vineyards around the town of Haro (west of the Crags of Ebro) which are rooted in calcareous clay soil with a significant amount of limestone. The climate is defined by the Montes Obarenes which serve as a natural border between the Basque Country and La Rioja, Spain - and for which this wine is named. This mountain range provides protection from the more severe Atlantic climate. The weather conditions of this area push the limits of grape-growing, and the cool climate clearly impacts the wine’s profile.

MONTES OBARENES is the new face of Rioja’s great whites: “Its production includes a combination of fermentation and ageing on lees in new French oak barrels for 80% of the wine, and ageing on lees in an ovoid concrete tank for the other 20%”, notes González.

MONTES OBARENES underscores the concept of terroir which views humans’ influence on the wine as equally important as the soil, climate and grape variety for the final result. Viura and white Tempranillo undergo intense, assiduous work in fermentation and ageing on lees and in the bottle to achieve a fresh white with typicity and great ageing potential. 

Cold vintage excellent for white wines

The 2014 vintage was cold and rainy presenting complex weather conditions, as was the case in 2013 as well. Thus, harvest occurred earlier than usual, which the Rioja Regulatory Council claims leads to excellent results for whites and is good for reds as well. During the final third of the harvest, temperatures were unusually high and there was a great degree of rainfall. These circumstances made work in the vineyard especially critical: leaf-trimming and careful management of the leaves, along with environmental measures to control and minimize the effects of the grape moth (Lobesia botrana).

GÓMEZ CRUZADO'S TERROIR SELECTION includes a limited edition of the 2014 vintage of Montes Obarenes: 3,966 bottles of 0.75 cl and 205 magnum bottles (150 cl); along with the limited editions of two red wines. CERRO LAS CUEVAS is a clear expression of the Atlantic-influenced climate at the foot of the Sierra Cantabria, old bush-trained vines rooted in white calcareous clay soils around the town of Leza (Rioja Alavesa). Meanwhile, PANCRUDO embodies the 80 year-old vineyard planted in the red ferrous clay soil of Badarán near the Sierra de la Demanda, a cold pre-mountainous region that demands meticulous grape-growing. With its Terroir Selection village wines, GÓMEZ CRUZADO aims to create wines that are deeply tied to the land, and rooted in the landscape and local know-how to Rioja’s most privileged areas.


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