A village wine that portrays the original expression of Garnacha in a very cold and high-altitude region

Haro, 18 july 2016.- PANCRUDO TERROIR SELECTION debuts its 2014 vintage as representative of the terroir collection, the result of the winery's desire to convey the expression of specific plots of land that possess very unique and singular characteristics, as compared to other parcels in a D.O. as vast and diverse as Rioja.

With a limited edition of 4.750 bottles, oenologist David González defines PANCRUDO TERROIR SELECTION 2014 as a "village wine that portrays the original expression of Garnacha". This wine begins in bush-trained Garnacha vines that are approximately 80 years old and are grown on various parcels around the village of Badarán, located in the Upper Najerilla Valley. This is a high elevation Garnacha, grown in a very cold region and rooted in North-facing slopes of red ferrous clay soil at an elevation of over 650 meters. This wine takes its name from the Pancrudo mountains of the Sierra de la Demanda that overlooks these vineyards.

This cultivation area pushes the limits of the Garnacha variety. Thus, the oenologist noted that in late harvest years such as 2014 "wines with excellent acidity, fruity character, and certain Atlantic nuances are born".

PANCRUDO TERROIR SELECTION 2014 is crafted following traditional methods; fermentation takes place in open stainless steel vats. Gentle plunging carefully extracts noble compounds from the skins. And in line with the winery's ceaseless endeavour to incorporate theoretical and technological advances to achieve the purest expression of terroir, malolactic fermentation takes place in concrete egg-shaped tank (35%) and French oak barrels (65%) with a specially selected toast so as not to interfere with the wine's basic character. Half of the production ages for 12 months in new French oak barrels, while the other half spends this time in the egg-shaped tank.

The 2014 vintage of PANCRUDO TERROIR SELECTION perfectly reflects the philosophy behind the winery's collection of village wines that are faithful to their terroir and rooted in the land and local know-how of the most privileged areas in Rioja. This wine abounds with red fruits; strawberry, delicate, yet very fragrant. Subtle mineral notes also enhance this perfumed wine. Balanced and with great vertical yet persistent acidity, this is an outstanding representative of the Garnacha grown in a cold area with an unusual soil for Rioja.



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