Wines from Spain Awards 2019: Cerro Las Cuevas 2017 and Montes Obarenes 2015 among best Spanish wines

A panel of 13 leading judges from the wine sector, with Master of Wine Tim Atkin as chair, has selected the top 100 wines with real ‘wow factor’ from across the length and breadth of Spain

30 of October of 2019

CERRO LAS CUEVAS 2017 and MONTES OBARENES 2015, of the SELECCIÓN TERROIR by the GÓMEZ CRUZADO winery located in Haro’s BARRIO DE LA ESTACIÓN, are among the winning wines in the WINES FROM SPAIN AWARDS 2019, an initiative by FOODS AND WINES FROM SPAIN, a promotional organization that is part of the commercial branch of the Spanish Embassy in the UK.

A panel of 13 renowned judges representing the wine sector, with MASTER OF WINE TIM AKIN as chair, selected the top 100 wines from Spain in the seventh edition of this competition. They are “wines with real wow factor, wines from across the length and breadth of Spain, produced from a myriad of native Spanish varieties and crafted in many different styles”, explains FOODS AND WINES FROM SPAIN. 

“Judging the WINES FROM SPAIN AWARDS is a labour of love, not just for convinced Hispanophiles like me, but for anyone who values diversity and complexity in the glass”, says TIM ATKIN MW who praises Spain as “one of the world’s most exciting wine-producing countries”.

TIM ATKIN emphasizes that “the idea is to select the best wines, rather than to choose certain styles or grape varieties”. From his viewpoint, “Spain continues to offer some of the best value in the world - not the same as cheapness, by the way”.

CERRO LAS CUEVAS SELECCIÓN TERROIR captures the unique character of a privileged terroir in the town of Ollauri in the heart of Rioja Alta. It originates in two historic terraced vineyards which were recently restored by the winery and pay homage to traditional viticulture: they are tended completely by hand and sustainably. Though Tempranillo is the dominant variety, other local varieties such as Graciano are also present, along with Mazuelo and Garnacha, though to a lesser extent. Powerful yet restrained, depth and balance define this red wine that embodies the purity of this location’s fruit, with exuberance and freshness at the same time.

MONTES OBARENES SELECCIÓN TERROIR is a modern take on Rioja’s great whites that undergo a lengthy ageing process and also have further potential for ageing in the bottle. Viura and White Tempranillo are carefully fermented and aged on less. Long refinement in bottle to achieve a white wine with freshness and typicity and excellent ageing capacity. The vineyards grow around the town of Haro and are sheltered by the Obarenes Mountains, which form a natural border between the benign Mediterranean climate of the valley and the strong Atlantic influence from the North. This contrast instills this traditional white wine with originality. Traditional tools are combined with patience for a long aging process in order to create a unique wine designed to age well in the bottle.

GÓMEZ CRUZADO explores the diversity of the entire valley that comprises the geographical region of Rioja through their collection of village wines SELECCIÓN TERROIR, which is a limited edition born from the winemakers desire to convey the expression of very specific plots of land, and the truly unique characteristics that distinguish these plots from the rest, even in a designation of origin as richly nuanced and diverse as Rioja.





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