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Gómez Cruzado wines begin in a traditional landscape: small vines of old bush-trained vineyards in the most elevated areas of Rioja Alta and Alavesa, where great wines strongly rooted in their terroir can be created. Such heritage originates in our ancestors' practices of sustainable and thoughtful wine-making. Thus, the wines of Gómez Cruzado are born in the vineyard through a mix of almost a hundred different supervised plots across three well-defined regions.
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Our grapes grow in three very different terroirs: Alto Najerilla, Bajo Najerilla and Sierra Cantabria. Together these terroirs fit together like puzzle pieces to create our wines' personalities. Three microclimates and three soil types portray the nuanced wealth which DOCa Rioja boasts.
Old bush vines in Rioja Alavesa

Sierra Cantabria

This mythical region is found in the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria (Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Alta). The bush vines grow in poor, whitish, calcareous-clay soils. The majority are located on the sunny side of the highest part of the sierra, at up to 750 meters of altitude. This area is in close proximity to the natural border separating the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates on the Iberian Peninsula. The unique vineyards in Rioja are a testament to the Atlantic’s influence on the local climate. They produce wines with a characteristic typicity, freshness and elegance.
Panoramic view of the vineyards in central Rioja Alta

Bajo Najerilla

The triangle formed by the villages Uruñuela, Cenicero and Torremontalbo (Rioja Alta), where the Najerilla river flows into the Ebro river. This landscape consists of Tempranillo bush vines grown in alluvial soil at an average altitude of 500 meters in a warmer and more temperate continental climate, with a notable Mediterranean influence. The wines developed from these grapes present high maturity and excellent ageing capacity.
Old Garnacha bush vines in Rioja Alta

Alto Najerilla

Garnacha in Alto Najerilla (Rioja Alta) near the Sierra de la Demanda. The bush vines are over 80 years old and rooted in ferrous clay soil on North-facing slopes at an altitude of approximately 750 meters above sea level, in a markedly continental climate. The grapes obtained from these vineyards are characterized by strong fruitiness and marked acidity.


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