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    Frank Smulders MW and Jeni Wilson at Gómez Cruzado
    Frank Smulders MW and Jeni Wilson at Gómez Cruzado

    Master of Wine Frank Smulders to teach Wine & Spirit Education Trust Advanced Level 3 Course June 11th - 15th at Gómez Cruzado

    Dutch Master of Wine Frank Smulders will teach the advanced level 3 course of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in English June 11th – 15th at the Gómez Cruzado Winery located in the Barrio de la Estación of Haro. This course is part of the annual academic program offered in this Rioja winery by Vintage Class – the official WSET provider in Spain. In 2019 WSET, the world’s most acclaimed and recognized wine education and training institution, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What’s more, Master of Wine Frank Smulder will lead a preparatory tasting for the Level 4 WSET Diploma in Wines on Thursday, June 13th for students interested in this qualification, professionals and enthusiasts. Prior registration is required.

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    Juan Antonio Leza: “We must avoid wine tourism turning into a fad and burning out when we are still in the process of doing things well"

    The oenologist and agricultural engineer, Juan Antonio Leza, at the head of the GÓMEZ CRUZADO winery participated in the round table discussion "3 Keys to Wine Tourism: Challenges, Reality and Profitability" at the 14th Seminar on Quality in the Rioja Alta town of UruñuelaLeza advocated for wine tourism to be considered a complementary business, separate from the winery itself, with its own business plan and well-equipped by a professional staff and the necessary means, and with ample opening hours that meet travelers’ needs

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    Juan Antonio Leza shares his recipe and technique for revitalizing the Gómez Cruzado winery at the Basque Culinary Center

    Vintner and oenologist Juan Antonio Leza, at the helm of GÓMEZ CRUZADO, spoke in the classrooms of the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences at the BASQUE CULINARY CENTER (BCC) in San Sebastian – an institution of international acclaim – about the revitalization of GÓMEZ CRUZADO, the century-old winery in Haro’s Barrio de la Estación. He promotes a model of wine that embodies a way of life and advocates for constructing a narrative around wine. All this to reclaim wine’s cultural value, connection with the land and role as an expression of people’s lives, transmitted with integrity in the value chain, and surpassing "the simple defining of organoleptic characteristics".

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    Tim Atkin MW praises Gómez Cruzado wines as some of Rioja’s best in his annual report on the region

    Master of Wine and British journalist TIM ATKIN has returned to Rioja to publish his "deliberately controversial" fourth annual report on the region. Atkin tasted a total of 1,100 wines from 234 wineries to create this report which awards GÓMEZ CRUZADO wines MONTES OBARENES 2015 96 points, and both CERRO LAS CUEVAS 2015 and PANCRUDO 2016 95 points, thereby situating these wines among Rioja's best “wines of the year”. The Master of Wine has also honored this century-old winery in Haro’s Barrio de la Estación by deeming it second growth according the Bordeaux classification. This classification is based on criteria regarding quality and recognizes the progress of GÓMEZ CRUZADO under the leadership of David González and Juan Antonio Leza in recent years.

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