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    Haro Station District will host in September the second edition of its wine & gastronomy festival 'LA CATA DEL BARRIO DE LA ESTACIÓN'

    Haro Station District in Rioja, one of the leading wine tourism destinations in the world, will host September 17 2016 the second edition of the Cata del Barrio Station, with prominence of the wines of the seven wineries and the gastronomy

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    Gómez Cruzado, nominated for Verema Award ‘Winery with best trajectory in recent years’

    Verema, the largest online community of winelovers, has nominated Gómez Cruzado for its work of redefinition of its centennial project in the Barrio de la Estación in Haro

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    Cerro Las Cuevas 2012 Terroir Selection, the latest representative of Gómez Cruzado’s village wine collection

    This village wine is born in Leza, Rioja Alavesa, where the area’s marked Atlantic influence clearly contributes to this wine’s freshness and balance and the poor soil with a high limestone content helps create structured wines with an exceptional tannin concentration

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    The Master of Wine Tim Atkin highlights Gómez Cruzado’s wines among the best from a changing Rioja

    The British wine critic praises Juan Antonio Leza and David González as part of a young generation of grape growers and winemakers who are changing the face of the region from a small winery in the Barrio de la Estación and focused on terroir

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