Cerro Las Cuevas 2012 Terroir Selection, the latest representative of Gómez Cruzado’s village wine collection

This village wine of limited edition is born in Leza, Rioja Alavesa, where the area’s marked Atlantic influence clearly contributes to this wine’s freshness and balance

18 of December of 2015

Haro, 18 December 2015.- The Gómez Cruzado winery in Haro's Barrio de la Estación continues on its tour of Rioja’s D.O.Ca.: the newest representative of its village wines collection being the red CERRO LAS CUEVAS 2012. This wine forms part of Gómez Cruzado’s Terroir Collection which is a product of this century-old winery's desire to faithfully express the truly unique characteristics of specific terroirs from across a designation of origin as vast and diverse as Rioja, in a new phase of the house under the leadership of the duo David González and Juan Antonio Leza.

CERRO LAS CUEVAS has its origin in bush-trained Tempranillo vines (95%) that are approximately 80 years old, along with a small portion of Graciano (5%), grown on small plots around the village of Leza in Rioja Alavesa, at the foot of the Sierra Cantabria. The landscape consists of south-facing slopes and gentle plateaus, where vineyards intermingle with old oak trees. “This spontaneous vegetation is indicative of the area’s marked Atlantic influence, which clearly contributes to this wine’s freshness and balance. Poor soil with a high limestone content helps create structured wines with an exceptional tannin concentration”, says the grape grower Juan Antonio Leza.

The 2012 winter in the village of Leza was cold and dry. Rainfall throughout the spring restored the shortage of water and favored adequate vegetative development in the vineyards. Summer in this elevated region was optimal for the ripening of the Tempranillo, “achieving the desired tannins and the truly unique expression that this variety acquires in this location”, according to the winemaker, David González. The heat brought about excessive water stress in some lower elevation areas of this designation of origin. Because of the decreased production of these old vineyards, harvest could take place during the first week of October, effectively avoiding the intense rainfall that occurred during the second and third weeks of this month.

CERRO LAS CUEVAS is the result of a traditional elaboration, with fermentation in an open stainless steel vat, the use of autochthonous yeast and gentle plunging the cap to carefully extract noble tannins from the skin. Malolactic fermentation is done in French oak barrels, with a specially selected toast so as not to interfere with the pure original expression of the fruit. It is aged for 18 months in a new French oak barrel, with an additional year in bottle before being released.

To define this wine, David González explains: “We have chosen to work in the village of Leza with the hope of reaching the Tempranillo’s complete phenolic maturation without destabilizing the grapes’ alcohol content. Thanks to the climatic conditions and the Atlantic influence, we can maintain the fruit’s natural freshness”.

Limited edition wine

The 2012 vintage of CERRO LAS CUEVAS consists of a limited edition at 2,808 bottles. This red joins the Terroir Selection which already includes PANCRUDO, from Badarán, a village in the Upper Najerilla Valley in Rioja Alta. These village wines are faithful to their terroir, landscape and the local know-how of the most exceptional corners of Rioja. This family of village wines will be further enriched in the spring of 2016 with a complex white wine, MONTES OBARENES, with a long ageing period and great developmet capacity that pays tribute to Rioja’s great historic whites. This wine was crafted through meticulous work at the winery, including the utmost respect for the fruit’s character and the desire to create a wine that stands the test of time. MONTES OBARENES has been selected by the Master of Wine Tim Atkin as the White Wine Discovery of the Year in his first special report on Rioja wine recently released.


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