Haro's wineries participate, one edition more, in the mask dance that pairs wine and spectacle
Haro, 22nd February 2017.- The cloister of the Hotel Los Agustinos in Haro will host the next 24 and 25 of February a great masked ball that travels, in this edition, to the Middle Ages and the old trades of an era in which the wine was already part of the popular culture. The Wine Carnival pairs wine and show. GÓMEZ CRUZADO, along with thirteen other wineries in the town, will offer their wines and present their wine tourism offer to those who join this party.

The general director of Culture and Tourism, Eduardo Rodríguez Osés, underlines the enormous interest that this event provokes, not only in La Rioja but also in neighboring communities. He also highlights the spectacular of the event, which will fill the courtyard of Los Agustinos one year more in colour and music with choreography and audiovisual numbers in which 23 artists will participate.

The cloister of the Hotel Los Agustinos in Haro will have a stage that simulates the old taverns where people shared their few moments of leisure at the time of the sun. It is in this playful area where the different visual spectacles will be perfomed to enjoy from conversations that finish in the hands and that will be staged by four specialists of cinema that recreate battles.

In addition, before the start of the main show, the public will be able to enjoy the work of different craftsmen who will be among the public, like a potter who will make small earthenware vessels and give them to the public; a blacksmith forging iron manipulating metal, as well as a blind man who reads the future in the grounds of the wine glasses among the people and who will be the one who later carries the thread of the show.

Presentation of the new vintages of Haro wineries

During the show, GÓMEZ CRUZADO and thirteen other Haro wineries  will give to taste wines of new commercialization, and will promote their wine tourism spaces between the assistants and media.

Together with GÓMEZ CRUZADO they participate in the Wine Carnival of Haro Bilbaínas, Carlos Serres, CVNE, Florentino de Lecanda, Ibaiondo, La Rioja Alta, Martínez Lacuesta, Muga, Ramón Bilbao, Roda, Virgen de la Vega Cooperative Society, Rioja Santiago and Marqués Of Carrión.

The maximum capacity allowed is about 600 people in each of the two sessions (February 24 and 25), which will last approximately 2 hours and begin at 20:45 p.m. (opening of doors at 20:00 p.m.).

The last edition, the Carnival was inspired by Bacchus, God of Wine. Other thematic proposals have been the 'Flower Power' and the hippy movement; the best cabaret of the late nineteenth century; travel from Romanticism to the pre-industrial stage and the Spanish Baroque, among others.



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