The Best Food from La Rioja Will Shine at the Haro Station Wine Experience

The Michelin Stars, Francis Paniego and the Echapresto brothers, make up the outstanding culinary team that will be offering exclusive creations to be paired with the fourteen wines that have been specially selected by the leading wineries on 16th June

25 of May of 2018

The countdown has begun. In less than just one month, we will get to enjoy this incredibly unique experience: The Haro Station Wine Experience. This third edition, which will be held on June 16th, will be remembered for more than just its extraordinary selection of wines produced by the seven houses and organizers of the best wine experience in all of Spain. The culinary portion will also be another undisputed star of this important event, thanks to the wineries’ commitment to harmonizing their wines with the best cuisine from the La Rioja region. 

El Portal del Echaurren and Venta Moncalvillo, which have two and one Michelin stars respectively, are the restaurants that have been specially selected this year to participate in the event with exclusive creations that blend perfectly with the fourteen wines of international prestige that will be served by the seven wineries from the Station District. Francis Paniego, chef at El Portal del Echaurren, will cook three succulent dishes, while Ignacio Echapresto, head of the kitchen at Venta Moncalvillo, will present four other delicacies. A total of seven culinary creations that will represent La Rioja’s haute cuisine and which, tested by the wineries themselves, will go perfectly with the extraordinary wines that can be tasted throughout the day.

Selection of dishes and wines for the 2018 edition of the Haro Station Wine Experience:

Venta Moncalvillo.

-       Pochas beans with stir-fried vegetables and chili pepper in oil with Honorable 2014 and Pancrudo 2016.

-       “Shepherd’s Breadcrumbs” with cured meats from La Rioja, grapes and egg yolk with Monopole Clásico 2015 and Imperial Reserva 2014.

-       Confit cod with a Rioja sauce with Viña Pomal Compromiso 2015 and Viña Pomal Gran Reserva 2011.

-       Oxtail in red wine on top of a cream of potato and its own sauce with Muga Reserva Selección Especial 2012 and Prado Enea Gran Reserva 2004.

El Portal del Echaurren.

-          Echuarren’s croquettes made of ham and chicken, smooth and creamy, with Viña Tondonia Tinto 2005 and Viña Bosconia Tinto Reserva 2006.

-          Toasted brioche with pork rib in a honey sauce, with La Rioja chili peppers and pickled eggplant with a Gran Reserva 904 from 2009 and Viña Ardanza 2009.

-          Beef snouts stewed the authentic way with a RODA 2013 and RODA I 2010.

Both Francis Paniego, who will prepare the tapas for El Portal del Echaurren, and Ignacio and Carlos Echapresto, in charge of preparing the dishes for Venta Moncalvillo, are winners of Spain’s National Gastronomy Award in their respective categories, Francis Paniego and Ignacio Echapresto received the award in the chef category, while Carlos Echapresto received his in the sommelier category.

Paniego doesn’t hide his enthusiasm when it comes to participating in the best culinary edition of the Haro Station Wine Experience, and for the occasion he has come up with two informal dishes that are no less daring than the others. Of course, the must-have croquettes by Marisa, his mother, a quick bite that’s easy to eat and that has been impressing palates for years in not only his hometown Ezcaray, but also at hundreds of culinary events around the world. Francis Paniego views his participation “as a challenge” and adds that he is “happy to participate in such a special experience and a celebration that is needed by the wine sector in order to appeal to a younger segment”.

Ignacio Echapresto has chosen to present “recipes that pay tribute to the culinary tradition from the La Rioja region, bringing back flavors from our family history”. In his selection, Carlos Echapresto also played an important role as one of the sommeliers who knows the most about wines from the region. According to the La Rioja native, “we have focused on a combination of products and flavors that go perfectly with the wines that will be tasted throughout the day”. In unison, both brothers declared: “We want everyone who attends the Haro Station Wine Experience to finish off the experience by saying, “what great food and wine there is in La Rioja!”.

In addition, since no meal can be enjoyed with a sweet ending, master pastry chef Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez, winner of Spain’s National Gastronomy Award in 2010 for being the Best Confectioner Pastry Chef, will finish off the brilliant culinary portion with his chocolate Maraví. A dessert that combines intense cacao with the sweetness of almonds, the smoothness of AUBOCASSA extra virgin olive oil from Pla de Mallorca made with 100% Arbequina olives, and a touch of salt flakes. A dessert that owes its name to a cacao plantation in the Ecuadorian region of Guayaquil and that, in the words of its creator, “is an allusion to the wine world, which usually baptizes its wines with the names of the lands from which the grapes are harvested”. The pastry chef from La Rioja believes that participating in this culinary edition is “a unique occasion, especially since I will be doing so together with colleagues and friends like Francis, Carlos and Ignacio. I have no doubt that the event will be a turning point”.

The price for enjoying this festive day that celebrates wine and food from the La Rioja region will be €100, although the organizing wineries –López de Heredia Viña Tondonia, CVNE, Gómez Cruzado, La Rioja Alta, S.A., Viña Pomal Bodegas Bilbaínas, Bodegas Muga and Bodegas RODA- have made a limited number of tickets available at a special price in an advance sale for €80. Tickets can be purchased through the official website, where you can also reserve the bus and train tickets that can take you from the main cities in the area, as well as from Madrid.

The tickets include a tasting of the fourteen premium wines of international prestige, the seven dishes, and the dessert that will be offered by the guest chefs. In addition, each visitor will receive a Riedel glass specially selected to ensure that each wine can express all of its characteristics and personality. Riedel is an Austrian company that specializes in wine glassware, one of the leading brands when it comes to enjoying wine to the fullest.

Without a doubt, the Haro Station Wine Experience will be a guaranteed unforgettable experience for all those who attend, where you can enjoy great wines as they are paired with award-winning La Rioja cuisine, in addition to enjoying live music and a wide range of cultural and wine-related activities.





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